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Testing & support

Sexual assault

A student should start taking post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) within the first few hours after the assault (and not more than 72 hours thereafter).

Recommended procedure

Contact Campus Protection Services (CPS) on 021 650 2222. Either the CPS or a friend, guardian or residence warden should escort the student to Groote Schuur Hospital Casualty Department (tel: 021 404 3031), where there is a Rape Centre (Ward C15).

The student will be examined by a gynaecology registrar within an hour of admission. A thorough clinical and forensic examination will be performed at the student's request.

The student will receive the following services free of charge

  • Counselling on the HIV risk and information about antiretroviral drugs (which are provided within 72 hours of the assault - the student will only have to pay for these if on medical aid);
  • A pregnancy test and emergency contraceptives (the morning-after pill);
  • HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening at the initial consultation or at a one week follow-up, and treatment of STIs;
  • Follow-up appointments for one week, six weeks and three months for repeat blood tests

Further support

For ongoing counselling, contact the UCT Student Counselling Service (Psychological Services) at Wellness Service, 28 Rhodes Avenue, Mowbray. Tel: 021 650 4589 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm)


call Rape Crisis in Observatory on 021 447 9762; Khayelitsha on 021 361 9085; Heideveld on 021 633 9229 (24 hours).


If you require legal aid and cannot afford an attorney, contact the Legal Aid Clinic at the Kramer Law School Building, Middle Campus, UCT, on 021 650 3551.