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1. Researching HIV infection; Bystander responses to Gender-based violence (GBV) and HIV; The use of female condom in negotiating safe sex and risk behaviour at UCT

Four HAICU staff members are SASH fellows at UCT School of Public Health and Brown University School of Public Health to research bystander responses to GBV and HIV.

Researching the use of the female condom in collaboration with Path International.

2. Reviewing and Steering Policy Implementation (HIV/AIDS and Sexuality)

3. Implementing and Evaluating the Agents of Change Education (ACEs) Peer Education Programme

Topics: HIV transmission and treatment; What is and is not informed consent; Health promotion of the female condom; Bystander interventions to regulating gender norms and gender-based violence; Addressing HIV stigma; Addressing stigma towards sexual diversity.

The HAICU staff train the orientation leaders and First Year Experience mentors, the education development mentors; the MasterCard scholars and Dell mentors, UCT residence wardens, House Committee portfolio and sub-wardens. This type of training is not offered by any other service provider at UCT.

4. Broadening Curricula Development: Implementation and Evaluation (HIV, Sexuality and GBV) through collaboration and training lecturers

Faculties & Departments: Humanities (EDU; Social Development; Art- NRF collaboration); Commerce (GSB Raymond Ackerman Academy); Science (Community Adaptation to HIV and Climate Change); EBE ( Various departments: Professional skills); Law (Private Law).

Course co-ordination: Oversight and teaching six week short courses on HIV/AIDS and Southern Africa in collaboration with IAPO as income generation for HAICU.

Partnering with three other Higher Education Intuitions to assist them in their National Skills Grant for HIV Curriculum Integration.

Mapping in an Annual Report for Council the UCT Teaching, Management and Social Responsiveness approaches to HIV/AIDS; Stigma; Sexuality and GBV.

5. Public events around reducing HIV stigma; sexually diverse community and GBV and HIV

6. Social media campaigns around reducing HIV stigma; sexually diverse community and GBV and HIV

7. Building 'bonding' relationships at UCT (e.g. SRC; Rainbow; Research Units; EDU mentors in relevant faculties; SWS)

8. Partnering with the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellors’ strategic projects:

SAVI - The UCT South African Violence Initiative

(HAICU staff have collaborated on conferences and publications on Higher Education mapping, researching and teaching about violence, gender and HIV).

ACDI – The UCT African Climate and Development Initiative

(HAICU staff teach at 3rd year and masters level).

SII - Schools Improvement Initiative

(HAICU staff conceptualised a special edition of the South African Journal of Higher Education on UCT and schools, edited by Professor Crain Soudien).

Social Innovation Initiative to build student entrepreneurs

(HAICU collaborate with The Raymond Ackerman Academy at GSB, encouraging students to develop ideas that improve HIV contexts).

UCT as an Afropolitan University  

(For the past 2 years HAICU have collaborated with IAPO and the DVC for this on various projects).

Broadening the UCT Curriculum

(A HAICU staff member sits on the UCT committee chaired by Professor Sandra Klopper to ensure there is no duplication in the broadening process at UCT).            

9. Building partnerships ('bridging' relationships) with grant agencies

NRF; NSF; Global Fund and NACOSA.