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Sexualities Policy: Development and Maintenance

HAICU coordinated a review committee that developed a policy that proposed reframing the institutional culture of UCT.

The policy recognises the institutional role in the provision of equal access to university administrative, academic and support services for all students and staff. This policy contains the minimum standards and guidelines that govern interaction by University of Cape Town entities, staff and students in relation to gender identity and sexual diversity. It aims to ensure consistency in engagement and create an environment that represents the inclusivity of UCT. The policy further recognises the potential for the conduct of UCT entities, staff, and students within the borders of UCT, to reinscribe heteronormative practices that would, if left unchecked, delegitimize the lived realities of staff and students on the UCT Campus. This policy sets out guidelines for the appropriate use of terminology in teaching praxis, communication, health care and administrative services in their UCT capacity. The policy encourages good practice in order to protect and govern UCT entities, staff and students. Good practice guidelines are detailed in three sections Teaching Praxis; Communication; Administration; and Health Care.

The Sexualities Policy is currently in draft and will be tabled before UCT Council during this year.

View Policy Draft.