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Sensitivity Training

Health Care Practitioners

Reframing clinical spaces for health services.

Creating enabling environments for HIV, Counselling and Testing.


Academic and PASS Staff

To infuse inclusive language and behaviour in student contact areas - such as lectures, residences and administrative support services.


Student Leaders

Developing student leaders who can objectively interact with all students in a manner that prevents further marginalisation and is part of the student leadership training workshop. Student councils, sub-wardens, house committee members, tutors, members in student societies, are eligible for training and would benefit from the interactive engagement that facilitates the shift towards language and mannerisms that create inclusive and enabling spaces.


Peer Education

Training of students within the peer networks of self-identifying students is a critical factor to extend the range of support services. Trust is an element that could prevent students from accessing traditional systems of support. Self-identifying students are more likely to seek support from like-minded peers within their network. Therefore, the training of peer educators who provide accurate information about issues such as risk, in addition to lay counselling services, has seen the uptake of this service by students who are in distress or who require assistance.