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Past Events

Vintage condom dress competition

Date: 06 February 2012
Time: 12h40
Venue: Jameson Plaza
Prizes: Cavendish vouchers
Music by: Craig De Sousa

Winning team will be featured in Vintage Lifestyle Magazine. Read more...

Discussion on the Results of the HEI Prevalence Survey and its Impact on Future Porgramming

  • August 18, 2010, Postgraduate Seminar Room from 09h30 until 12h00 (followed by lunch)
  • Each year, HAICU puts on events highlighting a current theme, for example:
  • Orientation Week (Past themes: Prevention; Basic HIV/AIDS Information)
  • AIDS Candlelight Memorial (Past themes: Remembering people who have died of AIDS; providing support for people living with HIV and/or AIDS; de-stigmatising HIV and AIDS)
  • AIDS Awareness Days (Past themes: Playing your part; HIV/AIDS Education & Information)
  • World AIDS Day

O Week 2009: If U Connect, Protect!

At the beginning of the year, all first-year students and some staff members attended workshops on sexual and reproductive health facilitated by ACEs (AIDS Community Educators). Each student received a 1GB USB wristband as a gift for their journey towards greater wisdom. The USB drives contained some important information on HIV/AIDS and campus services. Over the course of this year's Orientation, about 5,000 students attended the 80 workshops that were held in various Faculties.

During O Week, HAICU and the ACEs also provided information and resources at a stall on Jammie Plaza. One highlight of the week was a fashion design competition, hosted by local DJ, Suga. Creativity and teamwork were on full display as students rushed to create outfits using miscellaneous items, including condoms and the USB wristbands. Suga shared information on HIV/AIDS and UCT resources at the event, which found the Plaza full with students and staff.